Are You a Team Player? How Collaboration Can Benefit Your Business

by Nicole on May 26, 2011

My 6-year-old son had a t-ball game last night – the last game of the season. This was his first year playing and he has been learning the basics of how to play the game and how to be part of a team.

Here he is smackin’ the ball… 🙂

Just like a baseball team works together to accomplish a common goal, collaborating with other entrepreneurs can help you accomplish more in your business, and help you do it faster. It’s a win-win for all parties involved.


“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” ~ African Proverb


If you are a solo entrepreneur, consider this… You’re not going to go far until you start collaborating with other entrepreneurs.

Learning to work with others so that you are maximizing your efforts is SO important!


Why collaborate with other entrepreneurs?

1. You will capitalize on each other’s strengths

Each player on a baseball team has a position according to their strengths. The pitcher is best at pitching and is often a weak hitter, but the strong batters on the team make up for the pitcher’s weakness. Likewise, when you collaborate with other entrepreneurs, you may find that your strengths may be another’s weaknesses and vice versa. As a team, your combined strengths benefit everyone, including your customers.

2. You will gain credibility

How do you prove to your potential customers that you have a legitimate business? One way to gain credibility is to team up with other business owners. This works especially well if the person you collaborate with already has a loyal following. When they introduce you to their list, their list will trust you because they trust the person who introduced them to you.


How can you collaborate with other entrepreneurs?

There are many situations in which you could work with other entrepreneurs to achieve more in your business. A few examples:

1. Business Partnerships – both partners manage the business and are liable for its debts.

2. Joint-Ventures – working with another business owner as temporary partners on a short-term project.

3. Affiliate Launch – promoting a product created by another marketer to your list in exchange for affiliate commissions.

4. Cross Promoting – often accomplished by joining a “tribe” of bloggers who agree to promote each other by commenting on each other’s posts and syndicating each other’s content.


These are just a few ideas. There are certainly other ways to collaborate with other marketers. Get creative! Stop hiding behind that computer and start networking with other like-minded entrepreneurs or business owners and find some ways to work together.

I promise you, you will see your results multiply in your business when you implement this principle.

What has your experience been? Have you found some creative ways to collaborate with other entrepreneurs? If this post has helped you please share it on twitter and facebook!


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